Frequently Asked Questions
Will this information be used for any other purpose?

No. We will only use this information for it's original purpose i.e. removing names of the deceased from marketing lists.

Is there a cost for this?

No. This is a free service to the bereaved. Our income is derived from the marketing companies that use this information to update their existing marketing lists.

Why do you need the date of birth?

The date of birth is needed to accurately match the name and address of the deceased. In some cases it is possible to have a person with the same name in the same town, but it is unlikely that they share the same date of birth.

Why do you request the phone number?

Receiving a phone call for the deceased can be more upsetting than receiving a letter. Although not essential the phone number is used as an additional reference to stop tele-marketers phoning in the first place.

How long does it take?

You should start to notice a reduction in mail and/or phone calls within 2 to 3 weeks.

Can I register by post or email?

Yes. You can submit registrations via the details on our 'Contact' page.

What if the mail/calls do not stop?

If you continue to receive letters or marketing calls for the deceased, then please collate the details and forward to us at our address and we will contact these organisations on your behalf, free of charge.

1-905-349-3254 / 1-877-565-5515

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